Review of Vivarium

Vivarium (2019)
Fantastic Nihilist Nightmare
24 July 2020
Don't listen to those dullard consumers that have been brought up on a steady diet of bangs and flashes. This isn't a mainstream film, rather it resembles a play, which gives a nod to Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot". With it's limited cast, static set design and dreamlike colours and soundtrack, I found myself mesmerised by every detail of this surreal little odyssey. It's necessary to absorb the atmosphere and dread of the existential nightmare that unfolds in order to enjoy the way it gets inside your head and alters your mood. Personally this is exactly the kind of movie which doesn't make me feel that I've wasted an evening. You can keep your guns and explosions, this is the closest I've felt to visiting a theatre since it's been impossible to do so. If you enjoyed The Twilight Zone as a kid this will feel nostalgic, though I sense it makes a bigger comment on the psychology of being human, or perhaps isolated... perfect for the times. Well done actors and designers. No it won't be for everyone, but I loved it.
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