Mayday at 40,000 Feet! (1976 TV Movie)
Great Actors At 40,000 Feet.
2 July 2020
Routine disaster movie but with a knockout cast.

With a couple of exceptions, I know the whole cast of this film from other productions of the 60s or 70s - be it be QM's The Fugitive or Earthquake or whatever! That is the appeal of this film. I joyfully walked down memory lane and turned a blind eye to some of the film's dull areas (before they all get on the plane).

But if you don't know and love the cast like me - you mind this flick too routine in plot to bother with?

My vote for most memorable character is the grumpy old doctor (played by Ray Milland).

It looks like 1976 was David Janssen's year of disaster movies as he appeared in the cinema released Two-Minute Warning in the same year.

The film features a brief racist remark that I never expected in a 70s network TV movie.

Directed by Robert Butler and this is the main talking point I have about this film. In the 60s Butler directed pilots and episodes of some of TV's greatest shows (Adam West Batman, Star Trek, QM's The Invaders) so whenever I see his name at the start of a film/show - I expect massive fireworks from what is to come. When we only get mild fireworks (as is the case here) I feel a little short changed.

Mayday at 40,000 Feet is okay.
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