Hot Bubblegum (1981)
The original, replicated many times but never matched !!!
21 May 2020
This original classy version was replicated many times but never matched, three Israeli teenagers friends, the slender Benji (Tftach Katzur) the handsome Morno (Jonathan Sagall) and the best of them the fat guy who pay all expenses Yudale (Zachi Noy), they are a real troublemakers, Yudale has a trick to see pant's girls put a mirror attached at his shoes, quite often he ends up in trouble, taking some slaps, then came up the very famous sequence when they bringing three girl to at Benji's house which his parents are supposedly on travel, when the girls were almost nude they sudden appear, the mess is established and worst Yudale made a deal with girl, she should be naked while he will count until hundred at balcony and will get in, but after the confusion the Benji's mother went to the bed, then appears Yudale just wearing an old fashion underpants and going toward on the bed, what a mess, there are funny moments that worth to remember, when a gorgeous blonde and sexy cousin arrives at Benji's house to stays a little time, also the unforgettable sequence at piano's teacher, for beginners is great, for advanced was bad experience!!


First watch: 1993 / How many: 5 / Source: TV-DVD-R / Rating: 7.75
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