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GR5 (2020)
Exellent television!
20 May 2020
Please give this really excellent TV production a fair chance and don't believe the 3 previous very bad reviews!

This is an excellent series. It had all the ingredients of a thrilling crime series and a compelling family drama. The only remark i have is that it's sometimes a bit confusing because of the many flashbacks. But as the story progressed and the link from the past to the present becomes clearer, the series gets even more strength and depth.

I found Violet Braeckman excellent as Zoë, the real "main" character, and she is supported by an really excellent and large cast who come in and out of the story. Lucas Van den Eynde and Viv Van Dingenen were also compelling as Lisa's parents. But to me Braeckman was a revelation and i hope to see more of her in the future.

The atmosphere on walking the hiking trail Grande Randonnée 5, with the heavy physical effort and mutual tensions between the different characters was (in my opinion) superbly depicted.

Also important to mention are the utterly superb locations we are able to see on the route of the GR5.

In short: to me GR5 is top notch. . . an excellent piece of television.
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