The Rockford Files: The Four Pound Brick (1975)
Season 1, Episode 20
Rock in the hock for PI favour
14 May 2020
Good to see Stuart Margolin as 'Angel' even if it's only incidental to the story of Jim investigating the apparent accidental death of a rookie cop as a favour to his father on behalf of Edith Atwater's character.

Paul Carr has an integral supporting role as a could-be crooked cop, whilst the senior Campanella brother- Frank- plays his usual kingpin outline. John Quade is also in typically fine form as a smart-mouth heavy, and Tom Atkins makes his second appearance in the series as another hard-nosed detective with little time for Jim's casual interference. The action is relatively taught with a decent car chase, and some modest suspense.

It's a predictable caper, but the actors are becoming more relaxed in their characters, and the chemistry which was such a standout of the series is starting to become apparent, especially between Santos and Garner.
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