Thanks, I hate it
5 May 2020
DISCLAIMER: This is the first movie of the trilogy I saw, so I cannot say whether not having seen the first one played any role in my experience with this one. Now, to the business at hand: this movie is a perfect example of what detective thrillers-mysteries are not supposed to be. This movie introduces an avalanche of plot points every minute, which unavoidably leads to an overabundance of unresolved plotlines, what a more malicious critic would call "plotholes", or even "contradictions". This movie has just so much stuff in it, yet it leaves the most interesting aspects of the plot with absolutely not sufficient development. Basically all the characters' motivations are unclear. I will not get into the nitty-gritty because I want to keep this review spoiler free. The simplest crime stories, with a tightly-knit plot, tend to be best. This movie bit off way more than it could chew and it shows. VERDICT: Absolutely don't pay to watch it, and even if you can access it for free, I would suggest giving it a pass. Even with full, unwavering attention to the movie very many things make no sense, let alone if you just plan to watch it casually. I suppose acting and cinematography are fine. It's the story that is lacking, and in a crime mystery, it's the story that matters
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