Bosch: The Overlook (2020)
Season 6, Episode 1
This is Bosch?
17 April 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I can't tell you how disappointed I was with this episode. "Bosch" actors, "Bosch" setting, but no "Bosch" personality.

Let's start with what I disliked the least (out of the bad stuff): Once again we get the good old FBI are the snobs in suits storyline. We have had this in this show already, and I am generally not a big fan of it. Cop shows like to make the Cops look like the good ones, and FBI shows like to make the FBI agents the good ones, it's an annoying trope. But this time, they also made the FBI people stupid. And that's something I just can't accept. Let's be honest, it's unlikely that FBI agents are any more stupid than cops. They're just doing this to make our main characters look better. BUT that's NOT necessary! We already know and love our main characters, no need to make them look good. Also the conflict that arises in episode 2 is VERY force to say the least.

The biggest problem with the first episode though: None of the characters act like themselves here. The dialogue is stiff and unnatural, the pauses between sentences are long, as if that's their first runthrough. I don't know what's going on here, but I hope this changes FAST.

As for the story, it seems okay so far, I know it's based off of books, and the books are supposed to be pretty good, so I don't have a worry there. Let's see.
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