Black Garden (2019)
Dogma cinema revival
14 April 2020
I must say that I was in the audience at the North Bellarine Film Festival in November last year and had the pleasure of watching the premiere of Black Garden. Its worth pointing out at this stage that the movie is dogma although not related to Dogma 95, but its an art film nonetheless and if you're not into that kind of genre then its not something you should watch to expect a cookie cutter VFX bonanza Hollywood film, which it is definitely not. But if cinema studies and especially fine arts films are your cup of tea, then you absolutely must see this movie simply because its one of the best dogma films that Ive watched in a very long time. I love a bit of Lars T in my watching habituals and this one is no exception although I'd say that a Bela Tarr movie and Black Garden would sit well against each other. Its a film that is a must watch if you like a Tarr movie, and a conversation starter in the current political climate. Its a bleak and miserable film but I found it very well done and rather meaningful in the way it deals with nothingness as a point of Nietzschean crisis. Admirably, I watched it straight after seeing A Clockwork Orange so maybe it set the scene for me a bit more than say something else less enduring. This film makes you think about betrayal in a whole new light but so refreshing to see such a slow film achieve a lot in what it gives you from an intellectual basis.
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