Review of Vivarium

Vivarium (2019)
Nice Production, Empty Story
25 February 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I take that back of course: Vivarium is an ingenious commentary about ______ Either that or it's a completely innocuous science fiction/fantasy story without any meaning, and anyone demanding meaning is clearly just a snob. The nice thing about hollow movies like this is critics can have it both ways. This is some kind of brilliant and profound statement about some kind of prescient social issue...and if you complain about it being pretentious, you just don't know how to have fun!

As much as some ideas were interesting here, this movie is a dull slog filled with overacting, not convincing special effects, constant waffling on vague philosophy and mostly just bored, grouchy looking people in dimly lit rooms staring into space.

The only real attention paid was to making the film look pretty, and it does at times, but the over stylization takes away from any potential feeling of real peril.

If it was supposed to be profound, don't make it so silly. If it was supposed to be entertaining don't make it so plodding and self-impressed.
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