Rat Race (2001)
One of the wildest, most inventive, and funniest comedies of all time!
24 November 2019
We all feel like we're in a race for the riches, and this movie is just a blast to watch! A great ensemble cast all flexing their comedic muscles in every scene it's hard to pick a favorite and who's going to win. My favorite is Rowan Atkinson, figures since he was Mr. Bean he steals every scene he's in, though Jon Lovitz has the funniest scene which I won't reveal here. And don't forget Whoopi Goldberg and Seth Green as well. The scenes are all original, never dull and quite imaginative in new comedic heights! Of course to each their own every one has a favorite scene. Jerry Zucker should have received a special award for this one! It's one you'll keep coming back again and again
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