Entertaining, brilliant expose of a sham prosecution with enormous consequences!
23 October 2019
As a long-time criminal lawyer, I've seen lots of weird ploys and surprising developments in cases over the years. People resort to all sorts of subterfuge when disinterested, honest justice, a principled application of reason and law to the evidence won't get them where they want to go.

I once had an expert in a murder trial duck out of testifying by sending a letter to the court saying that he was double-booked across the country when really he wanted to visit his mistress (he was found in contempt). I've seen prosecutors withhold critical exculpatory evidence, cops lie but also defendants and their witnesses lie, lie, lie, sometimes rather elaborately at that.

But I've never seen anything quite like this. And definitely never in a trial of such momentous significance.

Joel Gilbert does some excellent, clever detective work here to uncover the staggering fact that the prosecution's star witness, Trayvon's purported girlfriend who was talking with him on the phone in the moments preceding his death, was an impostor! The trial centered around this girl's testimony and it was a total fabrication.


The film is gripping. You see how Gilbert thought this out, carefully tested his hypotheses and, well, I won't spoil it for you. The movie plays like the best imaginable CSI episode except for two things.

One, it's real. These are real people -- or real "fake" people to be more accurate - and it's fascinating to watch Gilbert carefully expose their ruse.

Even if this story was about a relatively insignificant trial, it would be a striking portrait in human machinations and the kind of mischief people resort to to try to trick lady justice.

But it's not an unimportant case and that's the second point. The Zimmerman / Martin case had cataclysmic impact on race relations in America. Black Lives Matter emerged in a texting conversation of a few disgruntled black women who couldn't believe that Zimmerman's acquittal was a possible fair verdict.

To the contrary, the guy should never have been charged in the first place.

Joel Gilbert has done something spectacular with this investigation. This story deserves maximum exposure, the sooner the better. The Trayvon case rocked America. But the trial was a farce and the truth not just neglected but suppressed. This movie brings it clear out into the open.
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