Thy Neighbor (2018)
Christian films just made a huge leap forward!
20 October 2019
I don't watch Christian films because they seem to be the same story over and over. A kid dies, the family struggles, learns to love again, etc, etc, etc.

Thy Neighbor tackles a modern subject with a unique point of view. It challenges the viewer with suspense and intense drama.

From the production side, it's really well shot, acted, written. I got lost in the story. Ha, I even had a passionate discussion with my wife about one scene. That's how emotionally invested I was into the film.

Whether you're a Christian or not, it's a great film. It transcends the "Christian film" genre. If you like thrillers, watch it. If you like dramas, watch it. If you like faith based films, watch it.

I can't wait for George Johnson's next film.
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