Nightwish (1989)
This was boring...
20 October 2019
Granted, I had little to no expectations of being in for anything grand here when I sat down to watch "Nightwish" here late in 2019. Actually, I hadn't even heard about the movie before now.

The only reasons why I did sit down to watch it was because I hadn't seen it before, and also because Brian Thompson was in it. Yeah, yeah, well I am not a fan of his, but this is Brian Thompson after all - say what you like.

The 1989 movie "Nightwish" from writer and director Bruce R. Cook wasn't anything extraordinary. Actually it was quite the opposite, because it was bland and downright boring. I managed to endure an hour of the ordeal before I gave up. By then I had simply lost all interest in the movie and the pointless storyline and the random happenings of events that made little sense.

And to top it off, then Brian Thompson wasn't really in the movie all that much. Perhaps if he was, then I would have endured the last 30 minutes that I will never be returning to watch, simply because I have no interest in the movie's script or storyline whatsoever.

This is a boring movie, and I don't even think that back in 1989 that this movie was anything grand. I mean, just look at a movie such as "Poltergeist" which predates this movie and is light years ahead in terms of entertainment value and special effects.

I am rating "Nightwish" three out of ten stars, solely because there is a good production value to the movie, and it wasn't a full-blown low budget movie, they did manage some good things after all. However, hardly a movie that is worth the time or effort to sit down and watch actually, as there are far better movies readily available.
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