Dark Future (1994)
4 October 2019
This thing is so bad that I can't be bothered to come up with my own plot summary. Here's the one from IMDb: "In the 21st century, most of mankind has been wiped out by a plague. The few remaining people are forced to live in an underground world, serving as prostitutes and slave to cyborgs that now control them. When the first baby in 30 years is born, a bartender leads a revolt against the part-man, part-machine creatures that seek to capture the baby for their own ends."

Dark Future is complete and utter garbage. Everything imaginable is about as bad as you'll find in a movie. Acting - bad. Plot - bad. Special effects - bad. Music - bad. Cinematography - bad. Sets - bad. You get the idea. I'll bet that even the catering was bad. Director Greydon Clark made some reasonably enjoyable trash during his career (Final Justice and Satan's Cheerleaders for example), but with Dark Future, he hit rock bottom. It's absolutely horrible.

There are two things that keep me from raring Dark Future a 1/10. First, there is at least one interesting idea involving using the baby to somehow keep some old dudes alive. Of course, it's not fleshed out and it's handled poorly, but the idea is there. Second, I'm trying to limit the number of movies I rate a 1/10.

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