lame is just a word
17 September 2019
That i use when acting is far too structured and unspontanious as in this comedy. its a film about fail-outs or bail outs in the art of love, and a learning video how to find a new mate. its divided in a womens academy and a male academy, and the proffesional goal is to see how many of the attendants that can couple up at the end of the course.

the acting are very constricted, scripted and has a big lack of spontanity. i will be very nice if i say that it qualifies as a c- movie, not a see-movie that is. there are also some irregularities in the filmography and cam angles, where the main feature of the shoot suddenly slides out. also the kissing and hugging could be compared to a freshman visiting a lepra colony on the body hunt.

its a film though, and it is a good example how to make a movie out of lead, to reach the gold standard needs a lot more passion and guts than this flick presented. the grumpy old man had initially a 4 on the tounge, but landed at a poor but still sturdy 2, for the lame ''tough to love''-story
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