Perhaps the worst move I have ever seen
30 August 2019
I had to create an account for the sole reason of critiquing this movie. Calling it a movie even hurt. Amateur film, perhaps. The acting is poor. The storyline is poor. New Zealander's are made to seem like backwards idiots. I'm not a New Zealander and I felt terrible for the whole country by the way they were portrayed. The way the main character acts towards practically everyone is absolutely cringeworthy. I don't want to be "that guy" but Jeffery (who I loved in 'Unreal') cannot act the 'straight macho man' he was intended to act. I'm sorry, but it just didn't happen. Christina Milian... just no. Stick to singing. It's meant to be a feel-good romance. There were no good feelings towards this. Not one.
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