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30 August 2019
This consists of interviews with the cast and crew, all of whom have something compelling to add within their area of expertise(and there is a very clear love of what they're working on), clips from the movie and behind-the-scenes footage.

It's 10 minutes long. This is found on the Rambo 4: Legends Never Die (John Rambo) DVD of, you guessed it, the 2008 Rambo.

They talk about the editing on Rocky Balboa in this - amusingly, Sly starts out joking that he didn't use Sean Albertson, but did it all by himself. There would be 8 cameras running on dialogue scenes alone, so it led to an insane amount of raw footage. The secondary cutter Paul Harb would take over a lot of material which helped a lot. Stallone listens to everyone since they all have different ideas and you never know what will work the best until you see it. They went for a hard R rating and the studios supported them in that. The theatrical version is the Director's Cut, and they actually expected it would get an NC-17. They tried watching the full thing without music, and it was too real, genuinely not fun to watch.

I recommend this to any fan of the property. 8/10
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