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Tone-Deaf (2019)
superweird psychoslasher-lala land
23 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I did not know anything before watching tone deaf, and im still pretty tonedeaf myself, and couldnt have found a better flick to praise my tinnitusious siren.

its a story about a girl whos going through a messy time of life. she has a hippie mother who runs a hippie camp, and has an oyster licking fellow on the leach whenever she feels for it. the girls father is dead, and they have a row on what to do with the ashes. to get away from it all the girl hires a house for the weekend, and little does she know how screwed up psychopatic and hallusinated her landlord is. what happens is for you to see, what i felt was gutwrenching and killing utterly without conscience, the stabbings and hatching and dismantling and bloodspatter come so fast and are completely without course.

the acting are far above average and the score are spot on, but the story strives to inspire the layman, i guess its made for the really squemish slasherlaiker and they have really hit the bullseye with the pacing. to be mean is a difficult task but in this film its like taken out of the oxford advanced dictionary of english.

the grumpy old man, still shaken and stirred by the events does recommend it allthough its special.
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