You too can look like if a tank attained human form
22 August 2019
"Starring" Dr. Franco Columbo, this opens with about 4 minutes(and closes with another 45 seconds) of him retelling what he told Sly during production, paired with clips of the film, and for the rest of its duration, a series of exercises that are supposed to help you achieve the physique of the titular icon. I could not tell you if it gets results, as it's simply above my own level of workout. Honestly, I'm quite happy to just stay in good shape. But it does all seem like great advice. Keeping in mind you should respect what your body is capable of, when you start, and not continue if you injure yourself.

It's 14 and a half minutes long. This is found on the Uncut Blu-Ray of First Blood: Part II.

It consists entirely of different uses of dumbbells, and can be done at home as the only other thing required is a bench, or something that has the same properties as it.

I recommend this to any fan of the property. 8/10
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