Another day, another crime
19 August 2019
It is tough to guess how this may play out, if you are not aware of the previous movies that have been made. Then again those who have read the novels may feel the same when it comes to those who only know the movies (I am being one of the just movie watchers). I heard from those people that the books have some extra juice which is not surprising, considering the big history of novels translated to movies.

But back to this and back to our beloved characters. We know them and we love them, with all their flaws and faults. Our main character still reluctantly doing police work. Only thing he is more reluctant at is his relationship to his girlfriend and their child. The movie is really a lot of fun and if this is the last of them (certain things point to that), it would be a worthy ending ... if not, I'm happy to see more (mis)adventures!
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