Isabelle Adjani gives an incredible performance
29 July 2019
Everything you'd ever expect out of a biopic of an artist you can find in Camille Claudel. Passion, romance, anger, unacceptable behavior-everything artists are renowned for doing that regular people can't get away with. Isabelle Adjani picked up her third César for Best Actress, and her second Best Actress Oscar nod, for her tumultuous role as the sculptor who helped pave the way for female artists.

Isabelle has an affair with Gérard Depardieu, who plays sculptor Auguste Rodin, and as their artist temperaments cause ups and downs in their relationships, their careers also get in the way. Gérard, bearded and in a rare appearance without his signature long locks, pours his usual amount of intense energy and sensitivity in another larger-than-life role, but it's Isabelle who steals the show. And stealing the show away from Gérard Depardieu is quite a feat! She runs through an incredible amount of emotions, taking the audience on a terrifying ride throughout the movie. Art lovers will particularly love this movie, showing the sculpting process and countless beautiful finished works.
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