Ray Donovan (2013–2020)
26 July 2019
So I was bored last week and needed a show to watch. I decided to skim through Showtime and decided on giving Ray Donovan a try. Well here I am four days later and I'm on episode 10 of season 6. Wowzer does this show blow me away. I love the grittiness, the laughs, the emotional value and the edge of your seat action that I get from this show. I read alot of the reviews on here and kept hearing about how season 5 was a disappointment. Well I couldn't agree less. Every season has been amazing. I'm actually dreading that I'm coming up to the end. Happy to read that they have already started production of season 7. This show is a win in my book. Highly recommend. And it doesn't hurt that I am a Boston girl, born and raised. Love shows that make me feel at home.
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