Horrible waste of time and resources
24 July 2019
Some movies are so terrible that they are almost fun to watch. Other movies are bad but have some hidden pearls in them (ideas worth polishing). This movie is neither. Its' just DREADFUL waste of time. It starts promising (first 3-5 minutes) but quickly makes a wrong turn somewhere and drives cocksurely down the bad-worse-worst alley. Alba is only there in the beginning to reel us in and Oldman (great as he is) is not really part of the movie. Separate parts of the script were written by a uncooperative five year olds with ADHD and director didn't put in any effort. Characters are random, shallow and inconsistent. Actors are on the spectrum from "struggling" to "not even trying". There is one exception: Doctor (Calvin) character is consistent/decently written and superbly performed by Tim McInnerny.

My suggestion: watch the first scene (Oldman & Alba) if you really have nothing better to do with your time, but do yourself a BIG favour and skip the rest of the movie. It doesn't progress... it turns to "WHY!?! WHY on earth would someone waste its time and resources on this".

2/10 AVOID! - Would be 1 if not for McInnerny (Calvin), Flanagan and first 3-5 minutes (Oldman & Alba) scene.
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