Shark Island (2015 TV Movie)
Better than you think
23 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
It seems odd that with all the low budget shark films coming out, no one had thought to combine sharks with zombies until now. Zombie Shark does just that. Depending on how you see this film, it may be called "Shark Island." Regardless of its title, the film is one of the better low budget shark films to come out recently.

Two sisters go with the elder's boyfriend and their coworkers to a beach getaway. Sophie and Amber have a very realistic interaction. Amber is the older sister who is protective of Sophie due to their parent's obvious preferences for Sophie and her own desire to protect her from the hard life Amber must have endured. Amber had a child at age 15 who she gave up for adoption. In spite of their unhealthy dynamic, the girls seem to love each other. Sophie resents her sister's over-protection but I think she appreciates it. She never objects to what Amber asks of her even if she complains.

Amber's boyfriend and busty co-worker, Bridgette, are less well written. Thankfully, the boyfriend is quickly killed off. The screenplay and director know Bridgette is in the film to be sexy and there's a great joke when passersby look at a shark carcass near her tanning area rather than her breasts. The camera certainly lingers lewdly upon her like you would expect of the crowd.

After the introductory moments, the characters discover that zombified sharks are attacking anyone in the water. They are part of a government experiment to reanimate dead soldiers. Who cares? The sharks have some good puppet work in their close ups. The CGI is cheesy as always. It's rare to see any animatronic work in modern low budget films and it's appreciated here. It lends credence to the idea that this film was made with some degree of care.

A governmental scientist discovers a cure for the zombie shark phenomenon and Sophie dies trying to obtain the cure. Then the film just ends. This abandoned plot thread happened earlier when Bridgette is dropped because she "doesn't want to die." These poor scripting choices bothered me because the film was so good that I wish it was even better. The director at least gives us an epic parodic battle sequence where the sharks and local beefcakes battle it out. One shark is stabbed and then attacks someone with its exposed blade!

The film's visual humor and unusually deep story (for this genre) warrant a watch. I especially like the zombie humans are never threatening and when one is, a zombie shark decapitates him!
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