Review of Dirty God

Dirty God (2019)
a wound hard to heal
13 July 2019
Being acidated by a cruel friend, the story is sparse on the matter, its more the tough psychological fight it is to look different at a young age . the burn scars sticks deep, and even deeper than people around her can understand. choosing to wear a burka to avoid people to see the scars, and doing the sex online on the internet doesnt make matters easier.

its a film about being made estranged to your surroundings, and the lack of real support is like a major acidosis. the acting are plain, but not developing, and just stays sad and at times extreme childish. the make up deartment has done a good job on the wound parts, and the score makes this film afloat.

but allover it is a very sad and gloomy story, with a raw british realism attached to it, so the grumpy old man recommends it to all that can stay in for 100 mins of heavy psychosocial realism. its not a rewind for me though.
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