Slow-moving Indonesian Horror-Comedy Disappoints
5 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Suzzanna watches her husband Satria, a successful businessman, leave for yet another business trip, right after they learned that she is finally pregnant after years of trying. This joyful opening turns to terror when Suzzanna is murdered during a botched home invasion. Her vengeful spirit lives on, leading to tragedy for all. A familiar revenge plot ensues, with Suzzanna's spirit takes physical form and draws the attention of the superstitious townsfolk. Her spirit mostly hangs out at her house and waits patiently for Satria's return, outwardly unaware that she is dead.

This very leisurely paced Indonesian horror-comedy flick is well photographed with polished production values, but is overlong and presents a silly horror story line with unfunny comic-flavored interludes featuring Suzzanna's house helpers. While Indonesian horror movies have a reputation for being outre and garishly gross, SUZZANNA BURIED ALIVE has few wild sequences. Most of it is mediocre soap opera with a few horror scenes thrown in. As the unfortunate Suzzanna, Luna Maya offers an unfortunately stilted performance in a difficult part, and when portraying the murderous Suzzanna spirit she is unintentionally funny.
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