We finally got it!
15 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This episode focuses on Scootaloo's parents, whom we see for the first time! As of now, every character has had her parents introduced! But that's not what made me interested in this episode. The best thing is that we're introduced to Scootaloo's aunts, who are revealed by the creators to be a lesbian couple! This was practically the only cartoon made in the 2010's that had no gay characters in it. Okay, the actual episode is about Scootaloo's parents wanting her to move away from Ponvyille with them.

It's pretty heartbreaking how this would be a big shift. Then again, this is the show's last season. Scootaloo's parents are really cool characters too. In the end, they decide to let Scootaloo live with her aunts. Thank you so much MLP for being a show that promotes gay rights! As usual, the colors are wonderful. ****
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