Good, but could have been so much better
12 June 2019
This film was made in the first three seasons of "South Park" and the funny thing is that Trey Parker and Matt Stone say they hate the first three seasons of the show. I don't know if they've ever said that about this movie. Butters appears in this film, but has no lines. It's a shame, because Butters is my favorite character and it was when he had a role that the show really took off. The plot is that Kyle's mother wages war on Canada when the Terrance and Philip movie inspires the kids to swear.

This used to be the animated movie with the most swearing until "Sausage Party" came out. I wonder if Trey Parker is mad at those guys? "Casino", "Summer of Sam", "Wolf Of Wall Street" have literally THRICE as many f-words as this film and this IS a film about swearing! The closest there ever came to a second "South Park" movie was the Imaginationland trilogy but that was never intended to be a movie. My favorite joke is still, "Haven't you ever heard of the Emancipation Proclamation?" This is followed by, "I don't listen to hip hop". ***
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