The Thin Blue Line: Fire and Terror (1995)
Season 1, Episode 2
More gags, and a dishy fireman.
11 June 2019
The Thin Blue Line was very definitely a big hit when first transmitted, the episodes are so memorable, Fire and Terror is definitely memorable. Standout moments include Raymond's hat full of sick, and Gary's telling Kevin that he was too beautiful to die.

Some brilliant one liners and dialogue throughout, Constable Habib is very funny here, she's gone from being the sassy strong feminist, to a giggly girly in the sight of dishy fireman Gary. Owen Teale is very funny in the role, one that just doesn't seem to suit his character, but he did it very well.

The dialogue between Raymond and Patricia is so clever, we quickly discovered what she wants, and what he has to offer.

Loved it. 8/10
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