Aladdin (2019)
Poor Iago
11 June 2019
There were a lot of good things about this movie and a lot of bad things. I guess it equals to everything being okay. The opening song "One Jump Ahead" is easily the best part of the movie. They get some new characters or replacement characters and they're honestly quite good. The Genie gets a human love interest and it's resolved in a very clever manner. We get more insight on Jafar with how he wants to conquer other kingdoms.

Now here's the negatives. Iago was one of the funniest characters in the original and he's waaay less entertaining here. I remember the awesome climax in the original with Jafar turning into a giant snake and the Genie rooting Aladdin on! Here, none of that happens. The pacing isn't that good as it's too spread out for a two hour movie and probably could have been the length of the original film. Well, those are the goods and bads for this movie! **1/2
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