Ballgame (1980)
Standard Sexploitation
7 June 2019
Ballgame (1980)

* 1/2 (out of 4)

Sexploitation master Erwin C. Dietrich co-directed this "feature" about some female's in a prison who get a softball game going against the guards. The prisoners decide to use their sexuality to try and get some added benefits.

If you're looking for some sort of ground-breaking cinema then you certainly won't find that here but at the same time, if you're looking for some sleazy fun, well, you're really not going to find that here either. BALLGAME pretty much offers up a lot of nudity and sex but there's very little entertainment to be had here.

Ann Perry-Rhine was also in the director's chair and who knows whether she or Dietrich were calling the shots. The film is rather weird as the majority of the sex scenes are softcore but there are a few shots of oral sex given but it seems rather unclear just what type of sex picture they were going for.

What limited plot there is borrows from THE LONGEST YARD with only the sport changing of course. At just 76-minutes there's not as much plot as that film as we're pretty much just given the sex and a few jokes about the mean warden. Overall there's just not enough here to really warrant watching it unless you want to see everything Dietrich was involved in.
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