Ancient Aliens level nonsense
4 June 2019
I'll admit I do like watching Ancient Aliens. It's a guilty pleasure of mine. Still to call any of the theories or evidence shown on that show legitimate is a stretch. I seem to get the same vibe from this show. In fact I had to turn this show off at about half way through out of frustration. These three "experts" (one of whom is a regular fixture on the aforementioned Ancient Aliens) throw out some of the most absurd pseudo-scientific ideas and recount historic evidence out of context in a weak attempt to lend some credence to their conspiratorial "theories." I also find it strange that an astronaut had never heard of Operation: Paperclip nor knew of it's role in the origins of the US space program.

There have been more in-depth research done into the legitimacy of the moon landing conducted over the last 50-years. I'd recommend you seek those sources out if your interested in the subject. This is just mindless pop-culture popcorn entertainment in the vain of Ancient Aliens. I'd only recommend this series if you just want some noise on in the background while you do other things around your home!
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