Deadly Game (1991 TV Movie)
Deadly Game: A harmless enough watch
28 May 2019
Yet another adaptation of The Most Dangerous Game (1932), we see yet another twist on the heavily overplayed tale and it's not entirely awful.

This time we see a host of people invited to claim grants from a mysterious benefactor only to discover they've been fooled and forced into playing a deadly game of cat and mouse.

I won't lie I'm a tad burnt out on this story, but here at least the twist is fairly interesting. Starring the likes of Roddy McDowall and Mitchell Ryan, the high quality cast certainly assists it.

The further into the movie it goes the more you realize it's a fairly clever little film and not the mindless action flick you'd assume. It fends off being cheesy like most of the adaptations that came before it but isn't without its flaws.

Certain elements come across a tad silly, the camerawork could have been better and the score was so generic I barely noticed it was there.

Regardless this is a very watchable version of the timeless tale and though I'd not say its a good film I won't say its a bad one either.

The Good:

Some great cast members

Some interesting ideas

The Bad:

Weak score

Has its fair share of flaws
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