Necromancer (1988)
Weak supernatural rape revenge trash.
5 May 2019
After pretty blonde drama student Julie (Elizabeth Kaitan) is raped by a trio of privileged sleazeballs, she pays a visit to a necromancer (Lois Masten Ewing) who summons a shape-shifting demon to take revenge. When the demon starts killing those who have wronged her, Julie has a change of heart and accepts help from magic obsessed weirdo Ernest (Waide Aaron Riddle).

Cheap as chips supernatural rape revenge flick Necromancer is a fairly dreadful straight-to-video bottom shelf filler, with weak performances and woeful visual effects (the demon's eyes are hilarious), the only positives being some topless nudity from its shapely star Kaitan, and one gory scene at the very end.

The remainder of the film is bloodless (unless you count the watery red stuff that erupts from the world's ugliest bathroom), totally devoid of scares, and bereft of originality. Russ Tamblyn puts in a passable turn as pervy drama teacher Charles, who abuses his position to get laid, but the majority of the cast are plain bad (and what's with those green 'horns' in Ernest's hair?).

Oh, and if you're ever called upon by a friend to help her defeat a demon of vengeance, please blow out any lit candles in your house before you leave.
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