The Chi (2018– )
Best show I've seen in a really long time
23 April 2019
I absolutely love this show. I can't get enough. It feels so real, like you know the people in it personally. Each character is written in a way where any person could connect to it. Every week when the show is over I'm left wanting more. I wish they played new episodes all year round. I can't compare anything else to it because it's just that good. I've seen some people comparing it to "The Wire" and I can sort of see the similarities in the style but I think the difference between the two shows is that The Chi can be watched by anyone and they'd find a connection to their personal life. The wire focused mainly on drug dealing. The Chi shows every aspect of life in the hood and a whole range of different kinds of characters that everyone can relate to. Big ups to the creator. She is amazing!
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