Review of Hellboy

Hellboy (2019)
Not terrible, although I miss Ron Perlman.
15 April 2019
I really liked Hellboy(2004), and Ron Perlman gave sarcastic heartwarming charm to the character, I sort of like Hellboy 2(2008). Was really hoping for a part 3, but that didn't happen. So we got a reboot instead, and how does it hold up?

It's alright, I mean nothing I want to keep watching over again, but it does have fun humorous horror like feel to it, like the 2004 film, but this version goes even darker, it's got Evil Dead like violence. But is there a plot, well kind of, it's all over the place. David Harbour is pretty good has Hellboy, even though a few times I was missing Ron Perlman, and felt Harbour was Perlman for some scenes. If you don't like intense violence then you should avoid this.
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