10 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This is a hand held camera film. Three reporters snooping through a foreclosed home discover home movies and watch them. The family was pestered by Fauno (Doug Jones) with a nylon (see DVD cover) who can only be seen through a camera lens. Dad (Michael Bunin) becomes obsessed and has the house rigged with cameras everywhere to detect the unseen intruder. Soon the reporters who film everything inherit our near scary Slender Man who follow them around. Oh yea, they get a mark too.

Typical hand-held stuff. Nothing worth watching until the last 10 minutes and then the camera jerks around too much to get a decent shot. Never got any of the bad stuff: ground cam, shoe cam, black screen cam, green screen cam or inside a tent "what is that" cam. The camera wasn't too jerky, unfortunately the story wasn't that great and Milo (Chris Marquette) proved to be annoying for the audience too. No explanation really offered.

Guide: F-bomb. Implied sex. No nudity.
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