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Glass (2019)
Not a bad movie... but not a good movie either
5 April 2019
I think the better word that defines this movie is DISAPPOINTING. M. Night Shyamalan ruins his own universe/world with this one. Shots are well achieved, clean and pure, colours are also very well used. OST non-existent. Nothing happens in all the movie (although that's not bad), it's really slow, it cooks slowly and it's the best part (unless we are thinking that), but suddenly everything goes to hell in the final act when it started to go up level, TERRIBLE, suddenly a sect appears that wants to destroy superhumans, it doesn't matter if you're good or bad (every good part is in the trailers and clips). The only thing that raises the film is James McAvoy's performance. Don't go to watch this, don't waste your money and time. In the end i wanted to end this torture, there were people who were yawning.

P.S.: In the last 3 mins. Shyamalan tries to fix it with one of his famous plot twist but it was too late already.
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