Worst Marvel Movie
14 March 2019
First off I believe a movies job is to entertain , not try to push some political agenda. But when you have your new lead actress doing exactly that , it becomes unavoidable. Especially when they go so far as to silence free speech(rotten tomatoes shill). I really have no idea what Marvel was thinking making this movie. All they have built up , all the marvel movies, ruined because Brie Larson wanted to spout feminist hate in a world where fans have been asking for a black widow (better actress by far) movie for years , scarlet witch (also a better actress) was one of the biggest badasses in Infinity Wars, and wonder woman had no problems doing well...yet if you dont like this movie its because you're an "evil male". I loved Infinity Wars and was all in , couldnt wait for the story to advance....then it felt like everything up to that point got put on pause, to force-intro me to a mediocre character I never wanted played by an even more mediocre actress. Because Brie Larson chooses to ignore the already powerful females in the MCU. Played by actresses that dont cost their employers millions when they open their mouths. Unfortunately i can no longer bring myself to support a company that sacrifices everything they've built up over 15+ movies to push some false absurd agenda.
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