Burn it start over
13 March 2019
Where was the superhero story? The man of steel had a better origin story and that movie sucked too. The lack of acting in this movie was huge. Not just on Larson but everyone. How much harder could they shove feminist views in my face? They built this movie around a political views not a plot. Tell a story not a political motive. The only reason Mar-vell was Wendy instead of Walter was so that a woman got her powers from a woman not a man. They did not want her to be validated be a man. They just ruined the marvel universe. It took the Last Jedi to make me realize that there was no hope for Star Wars. I'm not going to make that mistake again. Wonder Woman was a better movie and it was dry but at least Gal Gadot could act. Start making comic movies for the comic fans and you will not fail.

There was not any wow factor in this movie. Except for wow they really made me pay for this crap. I really find it hard to believe that many males in her life were negative. If you like this you have problems, because there was no story here. I hope they don't do this with Black Widow.
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