It is not bad at all but it lacks epicity
11 March 2019
A LOT OF Marvel movies are better than this one. At last we see how Nicholas loses his eye. The first minutes are in space and it looks well (good start), then everything happens on Earth (1995), and in the end there is a fight that lacks substance. It's not an action movie but a mix among 60% drama, 15% comedy and 25% action, it's a "buddy movie" and Nick and Carol have good chemistry. There are deceptions and plot twist but they didn't "touch" me. The villain on duty is not memorable but talking about him would be spoilers. Fury and the supporting characters are wonderful and raise the film and help the drama that Vers takes, that although Brie Larson's performance is good, the film is light. It reminds me at times to Men In Black, the races and persecutions of Star Wars, ID4 and some other movies (that is, it drinks a lot from other films and copy them). Wonder Woman is way better.

P.S.: if you know about comics you will not like the twist but I review the movie, not the comics.
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