Review of Apollo 11

Apollo 11 (I) (2019)
Quiet, absorbing
9 March 2019
Reviews had me thinking I would be blown away by this new doc, but I was, instead, quietly mesmerized by it. Using no talking heads, no narrator, it simply uses reportedly newly-found 65mm film footage to take you on a start-to-finish depiction of the Apollo 11 mission. There are moments of awe, and the lasting effect is of just how fortunately perfect the mission went, which appears to be like clockwork here. As others have mentioned, viewers are also reminded of how it did seem like the world truly came together for those few days, and that's a quiet revelation, too. Being a longtime "2001: A Space Odyssey" fan I was also reminded of how both this real-life mission and that film's fictional one had me contemplating the realities of space travel.
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