Narrow Margin (1990)
CHEER! - (8 stars out of 10)
11 February 2019
The stage curtains open ...

"Narrow Margin" is a very satisfying thriller, Hitchcockian in style, by director Peter Hyams. Fresh off of the movie, "The Presidio", Hyams teams up with Gene Hackman and Anne Archer, both accomplished actors and more than up to the task in this film.

When Carol Hunnicut (Archer) witnesses the murder of a man she had only met earlier that evening, she soon finds herself running for her life with the killer's hitmen hot on her trail. The pursuit leads us to an isolated cabin in the woods of Canada where she is hiding out, and then aboard a train that is miles from anywhere. Caught up in the middle is Robert Caulfield (Hackman), a Deputy D.A. as he tries his best to protect her from being found and eliminated while they are aboard the train. It's a tense ride through the Canadian wild as the film reaches its climactic finish.

This was a fun piece of early 90's thriller film noir with solid performances by all the actors involved - especially on the part of Hackman and Archer. Hackman really didn't have a lot to work with, but he makes the most of it. The same with Anne Archer. The screenplay was rather weak, but they both turned it up a notch to make this a film worth watching. The scenery and cinematography was very well done, though there is (in parts) the use of model trains ... but even so, it doesn't detract from the overall story. The action was well done, and the tension was appropriate to the plot.

I would recommend this one. It will keep your attention and keep you entertained throughout with a satisfying ending. Not one of Hackman's best, but pretty good.
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