Chic '69 (1971)
Bond Fans Should Enjoy It
3 January 2019
Chic '69 (1971)

** (out of 4)

Lenny (Ric Lutze) is a womanizer who is in bed with his woman when his sister Sissy calls to complain about her cheating boyfriend. Lenny manages to track down the girlfriend (Rene Bond) and the two have sex.

There's really not too much plot to this 34-minute adult film that really doesn't have too much going for it outside of Bond. Yes, I've admitted countless times that I'm a big fan of hers so I will track down any movie of hers that I can. This one here is worth watching if you're a fan but just don't be expecting too much.

The film does manage to have a couple good sex scenes, which is certainly the most important thing in a film like this. Lutze struts around and gets to sleep with three ladies including Bond at the end. There's certainly nothing overly special about this picture and the dubbing doesn't help but Bond fans will enjoy seeing her.
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