Doctor Who (2005– )
Just - No!
30 December 2018
I abhorred the BBCs first deliberate assassination of The Doctor, when they cast Sylvester McCoy in a cynical attempt to destroy the popular Classic Who. As soon as I saw that the atrociously untalented Chris Chibnall - who was single-handedly responsible for by far the worst Torchwood (Who spin-off) episodes ever written - was taking over, I KNEW that the Death Warrant had been drawn up.

New Who has evolved from the quite scary, but brilliant at times (Tom Baker) kid's show that the Classic Who of my childhood was. It WAS edgier, more grown-up, until Chibnall served up this slop.

I really don't care that they cast a female Doctor, but Whittaker runs around waving her Sonic Magic Wand (that, against all Who dogma, can now do EVERYTHING!) like a demented Fairy Godmother (Godperson?). She is shocked and surprised by all that happens to them and around them. She views alien planets and vistas with the jaw-dropped wonder that is lacking in the Committee she feels the need to cart around with her after over 1,000 Earth years mainly alone!

I cannot decide which is worse, the writing or the acting. Or are they feeding off each other to produce the series with by far the lowest and most negative User Reviews in Who history? What I hope is that this "break" for the whole of 2019 gives those in charge at the BBC the chance to read the innumerable negative comments, the plummeting Ratings and either remove Chibnall and this ridiculous Doctor by Majority Vote situation in the TARDIS, or cancel the whole rotten show!
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