Dominion (2018)
Where your food really comes from in harrowing detail
3 December 2018
I watched this documentary film after reading about it online. I knew it would be simi lar to Earthlings which I watched last year and it is, only more distressing if that's possible.

From the opening narration by Joaquin Phoenix to the rolling credits this film will have you thinking "what the hell are we doing?" The unabashed 2 hours of footage is gruelling and I had to stop watching it twice because I found it too unbearable. The film asks why don't people make the connection between their packaged meat on the shelf to how it got there, this film will grab you by the throat and show you that connection.

The film is shown in chapters with each chapter referring to a specific animal group such as pigs, chickens and cows. With each group of animals you see the ruthless way in which they are created, kept alive for the necessary time and then slaughtered. Not only do you endure the slaughter of these sentinel creatures but you witness them being mercilessly beat, mocked and laughed at by their executioners which will stay with you for a long time.

Whatever your views on eating meat this film will surely make you think hard about the life choices you make and what we can collectively do to be kinder to the animals we share this world with.
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