Creed II (2018)
This Movie is for Girls - RIP Rocky
2 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was lame and disappointing. I am a huge Rocky fan and really enjoyed Creed, I also consider Rocky 4 to be one of the greatest films of the 20th century, so needless to say I was super excited to see this film.

I was expecting to see the Dragos come calling from Russia and Creed and Rocky dive head first into 90 minutes of action. Instead Adonis is supposed to be conflicted about fighting Drago and Rocky tells him not take the fight. Why? I am still not sure. We're never offered a real reason and given the back story that's amazing. I felt like the movie was trying to just shove internal conflict and emotion down my throat from the very beginning. You'd think Creed would jump at the challenge and we'd see awesome montages, fighting, wins/losses, whatever. Instead the story drags, it's predictable, and even the montages suck.

Creed and his girlfriend get engaged and conceive a baby while still living in their crappy apartment in Philly. I couldn't help wondering how the Heavyweight World Champion and his trainer Rocky are still broke. She has the baby (who cares), and the baby might be deaf (who cares). They take the baby to get hearing tests (who cares) and Creed cries (who cares). This goes on for like 40 minutes and basically ruins the movie.

The only redemptive part of this movie was that Dragos were cool and fun to watch and of course Stallone is always fun to watch as Rocky. I was surprised to see Bridgette Nielsen which was also a treat. But in the end this movie was so bad that I couldn't help but cheer for Viktor Drago and hope that Creed gets killed in the ring just like his father.
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