Meaty dialogue but flat
29 November 2018
When car trouble strands a honeymooning couple , an odd aristocratic family helps them but with sinister consequences.

Director Don Sharp offers a wordy vampire film complete with masquerade ball. The lead never manages to be scary enough when especially when the fangs com out.

Written by Anthony Hinds with a wonderful strong opening where a shovel is shoved through a coffin, there's an interesting conspiracy and cult aspect to it but that's as far as it's goes despite the plot thickening when everyone denies ever meeting Gerald's wife Marianne as though she never existed. Hind's dialogue is stilted at times by the actors delivery. Not even the dramatic score can shake things up.

Notable is Clifford Evans in a Van Helsing type role as Professor Zimmerman in this standard vampire reworking.

With large sets and great locations it's wonderfully filmed and executed by Sharp but it is also sadly very flat. That said it's worth watching for Evan's small role alone.
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