Flaming Youth (1971)
For Bond Fans Only
15 November 2018
Flaming Youth (1971) ** (out of 4)

This here is yet another very low-budget porn movie that I won't waste your time writing a "plot" out for but I will say that if you're expecting anything flaming or any sort of youth then you're at the wrong movie no matter what the title says.

Basically this thing clocks in at just under a hour and it features a few different stories, which are basically just people getting in the mood to have sex. The only real plot comes from the final story where Ric Lutze and Rene Bond are a couple. The husband comes home and sees that she has been shopping so she distracts him with some oral sex.

In all honesty there's really nothing too special here as the ladies aren't the greatest looking and it was certainly shot very cheaply and produced even cheaper. There's really nothing "good" on display here until the final story, which I'm sure the casting of Lutze and Bond will be the main reason people watch this today. Both of them were quite good in their roles and even though the film itself isn't that good, there's no question that the two had a nice, fun and playful chemistry with one another.
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