Nightwish (1989)
13 November 2018
It starts with hot girl having a nightmare in a sensory deprivation tank, then goes on a road trip with three stereotypical characters (including Brian Thompson's mouth breathing one) to a farm/cabin in the woods, and ends with members of the group voluntarily letting themselves get tied up and slaughtered in a cellar. Why? The cheesy ending explains all. Or does it?

The overall story was what did me in. I wasn't invested in any of these characters and the ending was so predictable and lackluster that I groaned.

Most of the production wasn't bad, but the CGI was cartoonish. I honestly didn't mind. But don't play the drinking game where you take a shot every time you see the boom mike or you'll kill yourself. It's hilariously in frame way too often.

This one was a little difficult to rate for me, because I kind of liked parts of it, and absolutely hated others. There are a lot of 10 star reviews here and that is WAY too high for this thing! Most people would rate this higher than I did, and might even enjoy it, but I think would tend to agree that it's mediocre fare and not something they'd be anxious to watch again.
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